Gemini vs ChatGPT4

Google has launched its “most capable AI model” this week adding a crucial chapter to the Gen AI Battle against OpenAI’s Popular ChatGPT4.

Google claims Gemini is capable of generalizing and combining many forms of information, such as text, code, audio, images, and videos, with ease.

Gemini is Google’s most flexible model and can operate well on a wide range of platforms, including mobile phones and data centers. Its cutting-edge features will greatly improve how developers and business clients use AI to create and grow.

Are you ready for Gemini vs ChatGPT4? 

Gemini's 3 Sizes

  1. Gemini Ultra: It is largest and most powerful model for really difficult tasks.
  2. Gemini Pro: It is optimal model for scaling over a variety of jobs.
  3. Gemini Nano: It is most efficient model for on-device activities.

Capabilities Comparison

Lets compare Gemini’s capabilities to understand text, image, audio and video on different benchmarks.


CapabilityBenchmarkDescription(Score Higher is Better)Gemini UltraGemini ProChatGPT-4ChatGPT-3.5
GeneralMMLURepresentation of questions in 57 subjects90.04%79.13%87.29%70%
ReasoningBig-Bench HardDiverse set of challenging tasks requiring multi-step reasoning83.6%75.0%83.1%66.6%
DROPReading comprehension82.474.180.964.1
HellaSwagCommonsense reasoning for everyday tasks87.8%84.7%95.3%85.5%
MathGSM8KBasic arithmetic manipulations (incl. Grade School math problems)94.4%86.5%92.0%57.1%
MATHChallenging math problems (incl. algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and others)53.2%32.6%52.9%34.1%
CodeHumanEvalPython code generation74.4%67.7%67.0%48.1%

Reference: Google DeepMind


CapabilityBenchmarkDescription(Score Higher is Better)Gemini UltraGemini ProGemini NanoChatGPT-4
ImageMMMUMulti-discipline college-level reasoning problems59.4%47.9%32,6%56.8%
VQAv2Natural image understanding77.8%77.8%67.577.2%
TextVQAOCR on natural images82.3%74.6%65.9%78.0%
DocVQADocument understanding90.9%88.1%74.3%88.4%
Infographic VQAInfographic understanding80.3%75.2%54.5%75.1%
MathVistaMathematical reasoning in visual contexts53.0%45.2%30.6%49.9%
VideoVATEXEnglish video captioning62.757.4-56.0
Perception Test MCQAVideo question answering54.7%51.1%-46.3%
AudioCoVoST 2 (21 languages)Automatic speech translation40.140.135.429.1
FLEURS (62 languages)Automatic speech recognition7.6%7.6%14.2%17.6%

Reference: Google DeepMind

Reliability, Scalability & Efficiency

Gemini is trained on Google’s in-house designed Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) v4 and v5e.  Google created Gemini to be the most dependable, scalable, and effective model to train and service.

Compared to previous, smaller, and less powerful devices, Gemini operates noticeably faster on TPUs.


Responsibility and Safety

Regarding bias and toxicity, Gemini features the most thorough safety assessments of any Google AI model to date.

Google developed specialized safety classifiers to recognize, categorize, and remove information that contains harmful stereotypes or violent content, for example, in order to minimize harm. This multi-layered strategy is intended to make Gemini safer and more inclusive for all users when combined with strong filtering.


By looking at various benchmark scores it seems like Gemini has beaten ChatGPT4 in text, image, audio and video capabilities.

Google already started rolling out Gemini in its products and platforms.

So we need to wait until people start using Gemini personally and based on user feedback only we can conclude if Gemini is better than ChatGPT4.

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